Amazon FBA Refunds Manager

How It Works

If you’re an FBA seller, we have good news for you: Amazon owes you money. Our state-of-the-art FBA refund service is both highly effective and unconditionally compliant with Amazon’s FBA inventory reimbursement policies. These days, a copious number of sham companies and groups of individuals making unfounded claims of being FBA reconciliation experts can be seen by doing a quick Google search. If incompetence and mediocrity are what a seller is searching for, we will have you know that these two traits fundamentally clash with our company’s ethos.

What is an FBA reconciliation?

Amazon FBA comes along with sizable fees for a variety of situations, including your product’s size tier, shipping costs, storage fees, fulfillment fees and many more. With so many fulfillment centers operating at such a high volume, Amazon is not able to accurately issue each and every reimbursement owed to your seller account. The process of an FBA reconciliation is to essentially balance your Amazon seller account balance and retrieve all of the funds you’re owed that have not yet been reimbursed.

How much will be reimbursed for unsellable units?

Amazon issues reimbursements according to your average sales price of that particular item over a 365 day period. Generally, your reimbursement amount per unit will be about the average retail cost of your product.

Is it safe to use an FBA reimbursement service?

Our system of performing FBA reimbursements is 100% safe. We do not request MWS access or use automation within your seller account, which is a process that can place your seller account at risk. All of the reimbursement cases we file are done manually by team members who are highly accustomed to Amazon policies.

Can reimbursements be issued for units that were lost a long time ago?

In general, our team is able to reconcile your account as far back as 18 months. With our process, you’ll be able to receive the appropriate reimbursement amount for any units lost or damaged by Amazon over the past 18 months of your selling history.

What if I’m using another FBA refunds service already?

We are able to perform a reconciliation of your account even if you currently have a different provider. Our team will begin work once your current provider has completed their current set of reimbursement cases and retrieve any and all funds they were not able to get reimbursed. Our team will never file duplicate claims for reimbursement.

How does the process work?

Once you choose to work with us, we will provide a unique email address and the necessary user permissions. To keep your account safe, we do not request MWS access. Our team reconciles each of our accounts on a set schedule, with manual case filing and escalation of tough cases as needed. You’ll begin to see reimbursements issued just a few days after you sign up for our service.

What is your rate?

Our service fee is 25% of funds reimbursed. We issue invoices bi-monthly, which can be paid via bank transfer or credit card. With each invoice, you’ll receive a complete report of each case our team filed and the amount that was reimbursed as a result.

Our FBA Reconciliation System

Our FBA refunds solution is both effective and safe, allowing merchants to get reimbursements without concern of breaching Amazon’s TOS. Our team carefully detects parts of your account that may be eligible for refunds, resulting in a fully compliant FBA reconciliation system for sellers.

Our professional team of consultants has spent a significant amount of time studying how to examine Amazon’s numerous reports. Our account strategists have created a cutting-edge method for locating, calculating, and filing FBA refund requests.

From start to finish, this revolutionary refund process is handled by critical thinking humans. Ultimately, our figures indicate how many items Amazon sellers are owed reimbursement for. Our system is as compliant as it is successful, thanks to a 100% manual system and a commitment to accuracy.

Types of Amazon FBA Reimbursements

Here are some of the types of fee reimbursements our team is able to retrieve.

Inventory Lost While Inbound

Your inbound shipment arrived with less units than you you shipped.

Units Damaged in Warehouse

Your inventory has been damaged while inside one of Amazon’s fulfillment center.

Inaccurate Reimbursement

Your reimbursement from Amazon is less than the total you’re owed.

Lost in Warehouse

Your inventory has been lost while in an Amazon fulfillment center and not returned to your inventory.

Damaged in Transit

Units from your inventory that have been damaged on their way to an Amazon Fulfillment Center

Lost in Transit

Your inventory has been improperly handled by a partnered carrier and lost on its way to Amazon.

Incorrect Quantity Reimbursed

You’ve been reimbursed, but Amazon didn’t account for all of the units eligible for reimbursement.

Weight & Dimensions Overcharge

Amazon miscalculated the size of your product, causing higher fees based on an inaccurate size.

Size Tier Change Discrepancy

The size tier for your product changed while you had units in an Amazon fulfillment center.

Removal Order Lost in Transit

A removal order you placed never arrived at your destination or arrived with units missing.

Removal Order Arrived Damaged

You’ve received your removal order, but the units are damaged and in unsellable condition.

Destroyed Without Authorization

Amazon has created unauthorized disposal orders and destroyed your inventory without authorization.

FBA Fee Discrepancy

A variety of scenarios where FBA fees have been miscalculated for your FBA sales.

Commission Discrepancy

Amazon has charged more than the specified amount for commission fees when your product sells.

Refund Wrongfully Issued

Amazon issued a refund for a product sold by you outside of the proper refund policy.

Customer Refunded Extra

Your customer has been refunded a higher dollar amount than they bought your product for.

Wrong Product Returned

Amazon issued a refund to a customer who returned a different product than was sent to them.

Inaccurate Unit Count

Amazon has inaccurately counted the number of units you sent and specified in your FBA shipment.

An Innovative FBA Refunds Solution

Amazon FBA reimbursements service

Our FBA refunds service offers a unique method for discovering every single lost, damaged, or missing unit that Amazon owes you for. Within the fulfillment reports Amazon makes available to its merchants, there is a multitude of valuable data. When we created our system, we were able to dig through every report and analyze these calculations without using any automated software, allowing us to effectively and safely achieve reimbursements for FBA sellers.

We’ve perfected this process over years of refining it: after securely acquiring these reports and manually identifying and calculating all inconsistencies, our team begins filing cases at a consistent rate. If a case is denied, we evaluate it thoroughly and decide whether or not to push further, with the safety of your account always at the forefront of our process.

A substantial number of reimbursements will begin to enter your seller account within a short time period. We invoice our clients based only on reimbursed funds that our team has obtained from the account once the process is complete. According to our experience, the amount recovered will be substantially larger than any other organization offering the same service.

Our Process

Our FBA reimbursement service is a 100% compliant method for recovering the lost funds owed to your account by Amazon. All FBA sellers can sign up here, and within a few hours our team will get in touch with you to begin your reconciliation process.

Sign up. Click here to sign up for our FBA reimbursements service — all we need is your basic information to get started with the onboarding process.
Provide user access. Once we receive your information, we’ll reach out to you via email with a new email address created solely to access your seller account and begin the reconciliation process. Follow the directions from our email so we can safely access the information we need from your Amazon seller account.

Get reimbursed. Once we have user access, you don’t need to do anything further. Of course, our team is available 7 days a week for any questions or concerns you have, but once we have the necessary permissions to your account, our team is ready to begin. Within a few days, you’ll start seeing FBA reimbursements enter your account balance faster and more efficiently than ever.

Bi-monthly review. We send out a complete list of each and every reimbursement case filed by our team twice a month, along with the details and amount reimbursed. If you have any questions, just let us know — we’re happy to help.

Get Reimbursed

Our Rate: 25% of Funds Recovered