ASIN Reinstatement

Professional Amazon ASIN reinstatement services for situations of competitor attacks, wrongfully flagged restricted ingredients, pesticide claims, inauthentic complaints, condition complaints, safety issues and more. 

ASIN Reinstatement Services

These days, we’re seeing far more cases of suspended ASINs than we used to. Blocked, hijacked and wrongly restricted product listings are becoming even more common – and just as detrimental to successful Amazon sellers as an account suspension.

As Amazon tightens its grip on counterfeit products and fraudulent sellers, many honest, legitimate retailers are feeling the collateral damage.

Our Approach

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the key areas required to carry out effective damage control on a sabotaged or improperly restricted ASIN. If you’d like to take proactive measures to keep your best selling listings safe from hijackers or sudden policy changes, we’re available for consultations as well.

Another increasing cause of blocked ASINs for Amazon sellers, especially those who sell in high risk product categories, is the ongoing effort by Amazon to ensure that each and every product in the catalog is authentic, properly sourced, and 100% safe for its global customer base. Unfortunately, through these well-intentioned efforts, far too many legitimate sellers are finding themselves in the “seller performance cycle”, unable to get their product listings reinstated for weeks or months on end.

How it Works


It’s not always a fair situation, but even in the case of competitor sabotage, it’s up to you as an Amazon seller to demonstrate that your products are compliant with Amazon policy. Keep your product documents handy so you’re prepared if an ASIN goes down – if it’s too late, get in touch with us for help on what type of proof you’ll need to show Amazon.


Another crucial component of ASIN reinstatement is ensuring that your message is properly received by the right team. Seller support can’t solve your ASIN problem, and repeated phone calls to the front lines of Amazon’s support teams can often cause an even longer delay in getting an ASIN reinstated. The key is to strike hard in the right direction.


There are nearly 10 million Amazon sellers across the globe. Right now, we’d have to estimate that about 5 million of these sellers are experiencing some kind of issue with an ASIN block. Your case won’t get escalated without the proper strategy, and our consultants have the experience to choose the most effective method for your unique ASIN reinstatement.

Reasons for ASIN Suspension

Because of Amazon’s constant shift to using automation to detect listing violations, restricted keywords and prohibited ingredients, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the amount of Amazon ASIN suspension cases this year.

Generally, these include unintentional use of a restricted keyword, making a health claim or other type of guarantee in the listing content, and other violations of Amazon’s listing guidelines.

On the other hand, many ASIN suspensions are due to the massive rise in competitor attacks on Amazon. Without your knowledge and of course, without your permission, it’s still possible for a competitor to change the content of your ASIN — even with brand registry in place.

Other reasons for a suspended listing on Amazon include a higher than average level of customer complaints on your ASIN, a suspected intellectual property violation, a confirmed intellectual property violation, a violation of Amazon’s ASIN creation policy, improper images and more If you’re dealing with a competitor attack, an erroneous pesticide claim, or any other type of ASIN suspension, let us help reinstate your suspended listing today. Get in touch with us to get help right away.