Professional Amazon suspension reinstatement services

Suspended Amazon account? We’re available to help sellers get reinstated quickly and efficiently. With over a decade of experience in the account suspension niche and a higher success rate than other services, your account has the best chance of reinstatement with our team. 

Amazon Reinstatement

Your Amazon Seller account has been deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you, but will be held in your account while we work with you to address this issue….”

There’s nothing more terrifying for Amazon sellers than these words — an Amazon account suspension is devastating to any Amazon business. A suspended account doesn’t always mean a seller did something wrong. In fact, we see many cases where our clients have no idea why Amazon suspended their account. Check out our options for account reinstatements and learn more about how it works.

Our Approach

Amazon “late shipment” suspensions are a thing of the past. Now, Amazon sellers are faced with more difficult violations, including the misuse of ASIN variation, verification suspensions for accounts which are 100% legitimate, and malicious abuse by competitors that makes the victim appear to be the violator. Let our experts sort through any of these complex issues so you can get your account reinstated.

Our pioneering approach to account suspensions has given us a unique advantage over other Amazon appeal experts, and our track record speaks for itself. We aren’t going to give you a percentage in the high 90’s of all the reinstatements we have handled throughout our careers. Instead, we offer our clients fair pricing and equal priority, no matter what.

We don’t increase our pricing based on the turnaround time. We believe every suspended account should be treated with the urgency it requires — and deserves. Regardless of the type of suspension, no client of ours will ever wait longer than 24 hours for a completed appeal to send to Seller Performance.

Amazon Appeal Services

Suspended account reinstatement options for sellers of all levels, sales volume and severity level

Review Manipulation

Accounts suspended for manipulating product reviews for their product listings

Inauthentic Complaints

Suspended accounts for concerns about the authenticity of goods sold on Amazon

Linked Accounts

Accounts suspended for being associated with another Amazon seller account that has violated policies

ASIN Creation Policy

Accounts suspended for PDP Tampering, Variation Abuse and other Amazon catalog violations

Product Condition

Account suspensions for questionable product condition or used items sold as new

Safety Complaints

Accounts suspended for alleged safety concerns about the products sold on the account