Our Amazon Consultants


Amazon Consulting

One of our specialties is offering Amazon sellers of all levels comprehensive, valuable insight about their accounts, as well as answers to the toughest questions on the marketplace.

With so much at stake and higher risks, the Amazon marketplace is more turbulent than ever for sellers.

Have questions about your seller account? Stop searching the seller forums — our experienced Amazon consultants can offer the answers you need for peace of mind and continued success on the platform.

Our Approach

Whether you’re concerned about a possible account suspension or need help on how to deal with a hijacked ASIN, our team is here to offer effective, compliant advice. We offer 30- and 60-minute consulting sessions for Amazon sellers of any level to simply pick our brains and get help strategizing their next move.

Some common topics that come up in our consulting sessions are summarized below – but feel free to book a session to discuss anything at all related to your Amazon seller account.

Competitor Abuse. With so many sellers trying to rank on the Amazon marketplace, competing sellers are more of a threat than Seller Performance. If you’ve been a victim to malicious abuse by a competitor, you’ll need to prove it. We know how to handle these issues and make sure Amazon knows that you’re not at fault.

Listing Violations. There are a vast number of guidelines which must be adhered to when listing your products on Amazon. Prohibited ingredients, forbidden phrases and erroneous images will result in a violation and a drop in your rankings. Even high-volume seller accounts can be shut down. Talk to us about how to avoid these listing problems and enjoy a smooth product launch.

Product Quality. Amazon works diligently to remove counterfeit sellers from the marketplace. Unfortunately, innocent sellers are left in the crossfire. We can help you decode any product quality violations as well as prevent them from happening again in the future

Book a 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced Amazon consultants.