Amazon-Focused Due Diligence

With higher stakes and higher risks, the Amazon marketplace is more turbulent than ever. For FBA acquisition companies, performing a thorough due diligence analysis on a prospective brand’s account can be a daunting task. Our Amazon Due Diligence Reports provide all the information Amazon aggregators need to make better, more informed investments.


Innovative Seller Solutions

We know what it’s like for sellers when they receive that infamous Suspension Notice. Our goal is your account reinstatement — not an appeal template. Our team has been assisting Amazon sellers for nearly 10 years, and we maintain a success rate of approximately 98% for account reinstatements. We’re focused on the end result – not what it takes to get there.

Elite Consulting

Our team has been assisting sellers for over 10 years. With a combined background in appeals, sales, law, journalism and more, you won’t find a more qualified team to assist.

Account Protection

We provide proactive strategies to avoid Amazon account suspensions, and post-reinstatement support to help you prevent any further account issues.


Amazon Account Solutions

With higher stakes and higher risks, the Amazon marketplace is more turbulent than ever, leaving the reasons for many suspended accounts a complete mystery — that’s where we come in.

ASIN Reinstatement

For many sellers, even just one blocked ASIN can be as detrimental to their income as a full-blown account suspension. Get your best-selling ASIN reinstated quickly and efficiently with our expert consultants.

Account Reinstatement

The days of “late shipment” suspensions are long gone. Now, we see complicated competitor attacks and more – if your account is suspended, talk to us to get reinstated as fast as possible.

Amazon Consulting

Need answers to tough questions about your Amazon seller account — that you can’t seem to find anywhere? Book a consultation with our veteran consultants to get all the answers you need.

Your Amazon Seller account has been deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you but will be held in your account while we work with you to address this issue.”

The Seller Suspension team is made up of a group of experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic consultants who know what it’s like to see your Amazon seller account turned inside out overnight.

Our Amazon account consultants are not current marketplace sellers, but we’ve been there. When you’re selling on Amazon, your sales are everything — you’ve tried to do everything according to Amazon policy, you’ve seen excellent results with your sales, and one day, out of nowhere, your entire life is in the hands of the Seller Performance Team.

So, why doesn’t Seller Performance understand that your business and your life is at stake while they “work with you to address this issue”? Why don’t they move with the same urgency as they would if their own paycheck was being withheld? 

We haven’t figured that out yet. Instead, we’ve developed our own methods of helping suspended sellers get back up and running as quickly as possible. When we speak to a suspended seller, we have one goal: an urgent, successful reinstatement of your Amazon seller account.


Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Although our track record remains in the highest percentage of any other consultants around, when dealing with Amazon seller performance, nothing is ever guaranteed.

Can I Book a Consultation?

Yes. We offer set times with our Amazon account experts to help you narrow in and understand the issues you’re facing with your account. Ask us anything!

“Reinstatement is more than a well-written appeal. Understanding how seller performance works, and knowing how to communicate a seller’s plan to the team, is the key to success.”

– Jamie Hunter